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Item #:   NOODLE01

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Solid Water Wand 2-3/4" Diameter

Solid Water Wand  2-3/4" Diameter
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Solid Core Water Wand 2-3/4 inch Diameter
This flexible, Fun-In-The-Sun water toy and exercise float has a myriad of uses. People of all ages will have fun with it. The Water Wands, water noodles or water logs can be used for floating, splashing, making waves or exercising. Possible uses are limited only by your creativity. Due to its' excellent tear, tensile, and resiliency these Water Wands can take lots of bending, twisting and rough-tough abuse.

Made from buoyant, lightweight, unique closed cell foam, Water Wands, water noodles or water logs are highly resistant to water absorption and pool chemicals.

Size: 2-3/4 inch Diameter x 60 inch Length approximately
Colours available are Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow or White in assorted colours or as one solid colour.

For custom orders of 5,760 pieces or more this items can be extruded up to a 4 inch diameter.
No enhancement is available for this product from our factory, but you may apply a sticker to each item after you receive our merchandise.

This item is made in Canada
Currency: US Flag US $  Canadian Flag CDN $   British Flag UK £  European union Flag EU €
Price Table (Per Piece) Minimum order quantity:    1,440   Pieces
Quantity Size / Type 1,440 2,880 5,760 11,520
No Enhancement $1.99 $1.85 $1.75 $1.50  each.
  • Notes:
  • No enhancement is available for these water wands.

Delivery Info

delivery info
  • We need 28 working days to process your request.
  • If you has approved your final artwork and paper work has been completed today(Mar 22, 2019), the estimated shipping date will be: Apr 30, 2019.
  • Your merchandise is being picked up from our Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3J1Z9 warehouse.
  • To obtain information about your shipping costs and delivery time, please check the Fedex or UPS websites.
No enhancement is available for this product from our factory, but you may apply a sticker to each item after you receive our merchandise.

Rush Charge Info

Minimum rush charge for this item is : US $500.00

  • We do not carry inventory due to the large variety of products that we manufacture, every order is custom produced.
  • Production time for this item is 28 working days . For example, if your signed sales confirmation and the signed artwork approval was received today ( Mar 22, 2019), your estimated shipping day would be Apr 30, 2019
  • If a faster shipping is required, there will be a US $500.00 rush charge fee. To find the earliest shipping date available for the delivery you require, please fill in the Contact usContact Us Form with the item number you are enquiring about and the delivery date you need.

Note: The above shipping times are working days calculated from the working day after we receive your final signed artwork and sales confirmation by fax in our office.

Less Than Minimum Cost

We do not carry inventory due to the large variety of products that we manufacture; every order is custom produced.

  • A handling charge of US $500.00 is added to your invoice if your order is for less than our minimum quantity (1,440 Piece )
  • We would like to acquaint you with our less than minimum order handling cost

Sample Cost

  • This design shown on this page is not available for samples, as the design used on this item belongs to one of our customers.
  • We can provide the same product in a random different design for samples. The random sample DOES NOT include your personalized design.
  • The random sample cost for this item with a delivery schedule of 10 days, has a US $50.00 handling charge, PLUS the cost for each individual sample(up to 3 pieces).
  • The sample(s) will sent to you using your courier account. When you place a full order for the minimum shown on our web site, the handling charge will be credited back to your account. The product sample, however, is not returnable nor is the cost refundable.
  • Should you wish a sample of your own design, please use this Contact us contact us form with your specific details request.
  • To open the Sample Order Form Order Sample click here

How to Order

To order your merchandise, or to obtain a sample, or artwork proof, we require you to follow our system:

Choose the appropriate PDF order form from below, open it, complete on-line and then print. You may choose to print the form and then complete by hand.

Please note that you cannot send this form to us via the internet, only by fax. Our system is set up this way for your security.

If the same design is used for a repeat order there will be a re setup cost of $35.00