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About : Eco-Friendly / Eco Friendly Garden Tools /Recycled Plastic Garden Trowel July 22, 2019

Item#: GARDN102

Recycled Plastic Garden Trowel

This garden trowel, an excellent addition to any gardener's toolbox, is made from recycled materials consisting of:
* Polycarbonate/Acrylic Taillight Lens scrap from Cars - OR -
* ABS/PC scrap from obsolete Telephones

Handle colours available are Terra Cotta and Forest Green

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Price Table (Per Piece) Minimum order quantity:    1,440   Pieces
Quantity Size / Type 1,440 2,888 5,760 11,520
Blank $2.46 $2.33 $2.13 $1.99  each.
  • Notes:
  • Setup cost for each design or position is : $135.00.

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