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Canadiana - Canadian Corporate Gifts Manufacturer Toronto

Aluminum Sculpture Aluminum Sculptures, individually crafted and hand polished to a non-tarnish finish
Aluminum On Marble Aluminum sculptures, individually crafted and hand polished are mounted on Canadian quarried marble
Soap Stone Inuit carvings, hand done on soapstone from the Canadian north
Coaster Slate Engraved slate coasters custom made in Canada and available with colour fill made of natural stone
Inukshuk Gifts The Innukshuk traditionally gives direction and leadership to all who pass by. A variety of our items can be enhanced with this symbol.
Inukshuk Pewter Statues Each pewter Inukshuk is hand poured and assembled in our Canadian factory. Traditionally Inukshuks have acted as guides to travelers in Canada's far north
Inukshuk Recycled Inukshuk made from recycled materials, in Canada
Inukshuk Soapstone Statue Canadiana, soapstone carved Inukshuks can be attached to a marble base. This item is hand made and each piece is a little different
Inukshuk Statue The Innukshuk statue can be given as a memento of a journey, an award of achievement and a lasting symbol of the importance of friendship
Sterling Silver Belt Buckles Custom Sterling Silver belt buckles are hand-crafted in our Canadian jewellery factory. The metal used in this die-casting process is .925 Sterling Silver.
  • Aluminum Inukshuk on marble, Inukshuk figurines are handcrafted in our Canadian factory
  • Convention and speaker gifts of soap stones personalized by our Canadian artists
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