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Ornaments - Pewter Ornaments Personalized By Canadian Foundry

Ornaments Crystal Custom engraved or printed crystal ornaments.
Ornaments Recycled Recycled aluminum ornaments manufactured from aluminum beverage cans such as recycled soda cans and recycled aluminum beer cans
Ornaments Glass Glass ornaments, engraved and personalized in our Canadian factory.
Ornaments Mirror Ornaments made from mirror in our Toronto, Canada factory, engraved with your special event or message.
Ornaments Cast Custom cast metal tree ornaments by Canadian manufacturer.
Sun Catchers Sun Catcher ornaments, personalized by printing or engraving.
Cast Metal Buildings Custom cast metal miniature buildings, precision replica buildings, custom souvenir buildings and miniature pewter buildings are manufactured in our Canadian factory and can be used as tenant gifts.
Seasonal Coins Custom cast metal seasonal coins for your special event or party. Made in our Canadian factory
Ornaments 4 Day Shipping Ornaments with your custom design are available for shipping in 4 working days.
  • Custom lead free pewter ornaments with your logo and your design made in Toronto Canada
  • Christmas ornaments, custom ornaments, personalized holiday ornaments Canadian made
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