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Item No: KEY969

Shopping cart coin key chain with a new detachable and removable attachment for easy use with the shopping carts. This coin is lead free. Size: 2 inch x 1 inch Oval, Rectangular or Square; or 1-3/8 inch Round Choice of finishes: Brass, Copper or S


Item No: SHOP101

Coin key chain for shopping cart and coin key chain for grocery carts-shopping carts. This reusable shopping cart coin will be convenient for your customers to use instead of having them look for a quarter or loonie. Choose either a Quarter coin si


Item No: SHOP102

Key chains with coin tags for grocery carts, our custom coin key chain for grocery cart will save you from looking for change at the grocery store and use it as a keychain to ensure you have the right coin to use with your shopping cart. Both the Quart


Item No: SHOP103

Key chain holder coin for grocery carts & custom made keychain with caddy coin or trolley coin Your custom cart coin can be personalized in our Canadian factory Both the Quarter size and Dollar size coins are attached to your trolley coin keychains


Item No: SHOP104

Shopping cart coin keychain for real-estate or business promotions. The coin key chain is great for grocery carts-shopping carts and will show your name and logo when used.


Item No: SHOP105

Token coin key chains for grocery shopping carts, these trolley tokens are an alternative to coins for grocery carts


Item No: SHOP106

No coin, grocery cart key chain and coin key chain for grocery shopping carts are custom manufactured in our Toronto Canada factory