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Item No: KYPVC200

Pvc keychains, soft Pvc key chains and OEM Pvc keychains are custom manufactured with fine details Custom Pvc key chain manufacturer & supplier in Toronto Canada can personalized your designs in our factories Size: 2 inch x 1 inch or 1-3/8 inch d


Item No: KYPVC201

Custom soft Pvc keychains, Pvc keyring, custom Pvc keyring & soft PVC keyring personalized in the shape & with the colours you require Custom PVC key chain key rings, why go to China when you can create your custom PVC key chains in Toronto Canada


Item No: KYPVC202

Pvc keyring, custom Pvc keyring, soft PVC keyring & soft PVC key chains are available from our Toronto Canada office. Your custom shaped PVC key chain can have a standard split ring or with your own custom attachment Size: 2 inch x 1 inch or 1-3